by Jef Bartow

If you have been following the spiritual cycle of Energy (Spirit) within Matter, the last few weeks have been very intense. It would seem it is very difficult to feel Spirit at this time. This is because Spirit is the furthest withdrawn from Matter at the summer solstice. Much of humanity unconsciously experiences this as a restlessness to get away.

With the summer solstice, the Sun enters Cancer and the fourth house at the nadir of the natural astrological mandala. Regarding the characteristics of SPIRIT, the fourth is Harmony which, therefore relates directly to our fourth house astrologically. The fourth house areas of life include family, our home life, emotional structures and the inner foundations of life (nadir). This inner is not just the subconscious, which is characteristic of the 12 House, but more the inner foundations within our character and soul.

Most of us would feel that Harmony is one of the easier characteristics of SPIRIT to understand. From Pythagoras, a harmonia of the scale is established by the "imposition of definite ratios on the indefinite range of musical pitch." Regarding the cosmos, it is "achieved by the imposition of limit on the unlimited in order to make the limited." Just as physical incarnation begins in Cancer, the manifested cosmos begins with a "pre-established harmony." 

Using Webster's Thesaurus, synonyms of harmony are unity and euphony. Euphony is a "pleasant combination of agreeable sounds." Regarding unity, Buddhism say that "existence is a dynamic process of change based on pre-established harmony." The yin and yang interact creating harmony. Yin and yang learn to coordinate as mutually complementary.
In our 21st-century metaphysics, Harmony conditions the subjective Realm of Forces and the objective Unity Plane. One definition of Force is "as a limiting factor." As Laws are the systems within the subjective Realm of Forces, Harmony relates directly to law as a "governing through coordination of multiplicity into uniform whole." This is how objective unity unfolds from the Subjective. Much more on this is in our first book God, Man and the Dancing Universe.

To bring these various definitions together, I conclude that Harmony is the characteristic of SPIRIT that conditions all manifested matter, both actively and latently, to see growth, unity and perfection. This Harmony is affinity, a similarity or relatedness through likeness. It helps fulfill cosmic purpose by leading creative diversity to the unified wholeness of One in perfection.

 Spiritualizing Exercises

A good way to bring Harmony down to earth, so to speak, will be to relate it to our spiritualizing exercises for the month. Let’s begin this months exercises in our home life. 

First, take a complete tour of your home. Do you feel a pre-established harmony? Do the diverse expressions from your living room to your bathrooms, from your kitchen to your office/computer area and from the exterior to the interior create a uniform whole? Don't forget or overlook the state of cleanliness and orderedness of these environments (including closets and hideaways) during your tour.

        If you’re like most and have not just prepared for a social gathering, your examination will likely provide fodder for meditative review. Even if you practice feng shui, I might predict that the state of your daily home environment is less than harmonious. From your review, creatively make decisions and take action to bring your home to a more state of "uniform whole," or at least a pleasant combination of agreeable parts.

Regarding your family, this 30 day period is an excellent opportunity to make changes, which will create more harmony. But what does this type of harmony mean? Many times it means more compromise or more go along to get along. Harmony is better achieved by each individual expressing her/his true self.

Let's begin with Pythagoras and his "imposition of definite ratios." What is the ratio of you being able to be your true self with your family and how much you must adapt to the dictates of the family authority or conditioning? Wherever the difficulty, define the changes in your orientation and behavior which will bring a better ratio. Or better yet, the freedom for you to be your true self at all times. 

On a less difficult tack, focus on how you can bring more affinity within the family. Focus on the similarities that you have with each family member. Take steps to bring more relatedness through this likeness as you interact with each of them. Further, do so with an orientation of love and joy, just as you would with your best friend or loving partner.

Most powerfully this month, define and implement a "dynamic process of change" within yourself in order to lead you to a freer self/soul expression of the inner you. Reflect on how the outer you, yang, and the inner you, yin, need to learn how to coordinate better in daily life. Define how they can mutually cooperate as you interact in the outer world and in relationships. Take steps to unveil the inner you in far more situations. A good place to start would be in your closest relationship or how you socialize.

The changes just mentioned regarding yourself go right to the heart of bringing Harmony to the inner foundation of your life. These opportunities are powerful during this next 30 days, and one of the most important steps you can take on the Spiritual Path.

 Characteristics of Spirit

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Living Spirit, Harmony, Characteristics of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
Harmony, Characteristics of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
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Harmony, Characteristics of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth

Metaphysically, harmony is that which brings to perfection all forms within creative manifestation. The fourth Ray of harmony "harmonizes all effects and emanations from the world of Causes." This fourth Ray of harmony also relates to mathematical exactitude, just as Pythagoras saw in his vision of the universe.