by Jef Bartow

Coming up is the fall equinox at 0 degrees Libra (September 22). In its progression around the astrological mandala, the Sun now enters Libra and our life activities (seventh house) of one-on-one relationships, how we work in cooperation with others, a mate and the public. Here is how we develop a "relative image," objectify ourselves through others and bring balance in our relationships. Therefore, this is a good time (month) to focus our spiritual practice on relationships.

The characteristic of SPIRIT which will attune and foster balance in our relationships is Order. Objectively, Order produces a sense of proportion, harmony and balance when expressed. Symbolically projected into the Intuitional Plane, Order brings perspective on how our Personality and Ego operate. It reveals the symmetries underlying the various parts of our life. When our meditation becomes an ordered process, we are opened up to powerful insights from our developing higher intuitive nature.

The more we make our meditations an on-going ordered part of our life, our opportunity for enlightenment and penetrating into the transpersonal love and compassion lived by the Buddha become a reality. Finally, if we persist, Order will unfold the highest energy of intuition into all aspects of our life, that of balance.
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So, how do we take advantage of Order in our spiritual practices? Begin with its natural relatedness to our life activities (seventh house) defined above. During your daily reflection and/or meditation, review your current relationships. Which ones and where is there an unbalance in giving and taking? See how this creates not only a lack of harmony, but also a pool of pain and resentment. See how it has also produced a barrier and lessening of love in the relationship for one, or both of you. What changes in attitude, orientation and behaviors do you need to make for these relationships to become balanced in energy and love? 

Where do you lack proportion from relationship to relationship? For example, is your focus and involvement very different from one to the other of your children/family members and to your mate? Does this create a lack of harmony within your family and/or between you and your partner? What changes do you need to make to bring more proportion and resulting balance in this part of your life?

For those of you who are astrologically oriented, what parts of life (house activities) are governed by Libra? Reflect and define where there is a lack of balance, proportion and harmony in these areas? What changes in attitude, orientation and behavior do you need to make to bring more balance, proportion and harmony in these areas? In addition, where is your natal Venus and how does your Venus's sign qualities and house activities reflect some imbalance or lack of proportion? 

        Finally, as you experience Order and its positive effects in your close relationships, then branch out and review other parts of your life in the same way. Utilize Order's energy and processes to bring you closer to the spiritualizing wholeness of enlightenment, transpersonal love, compassion and balance (higher Intuitional energies).

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Order, Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
Order,Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
Living Spirit, Order, Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
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Subjectively, Order cooperates in this process by its internal affect on us. From the inner of the inner, Order creates the "movement from division to one-ness of perception." It also facilitates moving from multiplicities of meanings we sporadically see in life to the one-ness of Life itself. Revealing the "hidden variables" behind our outer relationships and life events, Order provides us the opportunity to govern the outcomes of these events.