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All of us are continuously involved in some aspect of creative manifestation. Our birthright as Human Beings in human physical form endows us with the ability to create at a number of levels through our multidimensional life. The most apparent form of our creative capacity is our ability to reproduce. This conditioning stems from a primal drive related to our lower physical nature or to what some might refer to as our animal body. As humans, separate from the animal kingdom, we have the unique ability to create through our mental and emotional nature. What we think and feel is at the center of what we create in our bodies, our environment and in our day-to-day lives. If we are truly dissatisfied with the quality or content of any aspect of our lives, we can explore the internal sources of our own individual creations. Committing to work on our psychological and spiritual growth helps bring greater awareness to what we are creating in our world consciously and unconsciously.

We can better understand the collective pattern of our creative nature by examining our instinctual and social conditioning around procreation. For eons, we have been conditioned to reproduce at an instinctual level of our being for survival of the species. However, physical survival is far 
Conscious Creation

By Karen Kipp
less of a concern in modern times. Even so, producing children remains to be the central focus, purpose and rite of passage to becoming adults. How do we come to terms with the conflict between our core conditioning and the reality of our need to self-direct our lives? I believe we can gain objectivity with these funda-mental decisions about our purpose and course in life.

A way through this emotionally charged subject is to redirect our focus to Conscious Creation. As human beings, we have the capacity for reproductive decision mak-ing ourselves rather than surrendering this choice to our evolutionary conditioning. When we work towards becoming more conscious  of all aspects of our dimensional nature and behavior, we can eventually arrive at the conclusion that nothing, including pregnancy, happens to us against our will. If we are willing to accept responsibility for all aspects of our behavior and creations, we can gain valuable insight into the spiritual nature of our creative capacities. 
In some ways, it feels as if we are waking up from a spell that has been cast upon us all, believing that we are at the mercy of the most basic form of our creative faculties. When women become pregnant, against what they might believe is their “conscious” will, often there is intimation that it was contraceptive failure, carelessness or bad luck, relating more to chance. How might this orientation change if women were able to recognize the unconscious, instinctive and socially conditioned forces within themselves that rendered them receptive to pregnancy? What if men were able to identify within themselves, the unconscious, instinctive and socially conditioned forces driving them to confirm their physical virility through reproduction. If the collective norms and expectations regarding parenthood were to change, the unconscious pressures to conform would be greatly reduced. Individuals and couples could then experience the freedom to truly decide whether to have children. 

Although we have the potential to claim and make conscious all aspects of our creative faculties, the ensuing changes in alignment would take a long period to evolve. Gradually, I suspect, there would be a steady drop in our rate of reproduction when only those people who truly want and are ready to raise children would be having them. In time, I believe, our orientation around our Creative Powers would change, acknowledging the countless other dimensions and forms of creative expression that could also enrich our lives. 

As we awaken to our manifesting potential, we can better understand and accept the depth and purpose of our Higher Self and nature. By committing to making our mental and emotional capacities more conscious, we take responsibility for choosing and regulating what we create in our life and what we bring into the world. Increasingly, we recognize our choice of where and how we can direct and focus our Creative Power. We may still choose to create offspring, but it will be a conscious choice.