New Paradigm Publishing 

A New Paradigm in Aquarian Age Communication

In the process of evaluating the various means of communication in supporting our Living Spirit vision, it became clear that the current publishing paradigm includes many obstacles in providing truly Aquarian age communication.  Since we are now in the Gemini phase of the Aquarian age, we decided it was time for a new paradigm.

First phase activities of New Paradigm Publishing is to publish and promote the books written by our founders and provide self-publishing help to those who need it.  At present, this includes a multi-volume treatise entitled God, Man and the  Dancing Universe, Living Spirit's Guidebook for Spiritual Growth,  and Jef's LifeCycles LifeCycles Astrology published in 2012.

Our second phase vision will be to fully execute New Paradigm's mission which is to:

Provide books and programs which in honoring the truth of the past become points of reference in defining our next-level metaphysics and Aquarian Age spirituality.
Living Spirit, A new paradigm for spiritual/metaphysical book publishing, spiritual/metaphysical book self-publishing

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