Living Spirit, An advanced self applied spiritual growth Path based on one's relationships in life
Path of Relationships

Inherent in our life process are relationships of all kinds. Even the most remote hermit must relate with nature to survive.  We have chosen to define and promote a specific spiritual Path of Relationships. Beyond building and improving relationships, its specific focus is to provide a means for you to fulfill your spiritual destiny in this life through all your relationships.

     From the time we are born, we are first dependent and finally inter-independent on other humans for growth and development.  Embracing all of our short and long-term relationships as a spiritual teacher can not only be spiritually fulfilling, but also supportive and comforting.  The big difference in this spiritual Path of Relationships and normal life is our conscious attitude and orientation on pursuing spiritual growth utilizing all of the relationships we have.

     This change in attitude and orientation will transform our past, current and future relationships.  Fundamentally, it requires living a new set of spiritual values with love and integrity while embracing the changes this brings about.  It also means allowing those relationships which do not foster growth to wane or even die. 

     This spiritual Path is for you who are either highly motivated to accomplish tangible change within our society of relatedness, or to spiritually live and transform your life through the day-to-day relationships you have.  If the most important part of your life and internal fulfillment comes from the relationships which you embrace and nurture, then this new age (Aquarian) spiritual Path is for you.

An advanced self applied spiritual growth Path based on one's relationships in life
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