Growth in Spirit Training

To Climb Your Mountain of
Fulfillment in Spirit

Are you ready for a major step in growth in Spirit?

We offer a specific program for those of you ready to accelerate your journey into Spirit. This 120 to 180-day process utilizes a wide range of objective and subjective tools to recapitulate (review & internalize) your spiritual progress while evaluating key decisions regarding the next phase and activities on your spiritual journey.

The end result is an insightful understanding of the realities of your accomplishment in Spirit and the opportunities and obstacles ahead in climbing your mountain to fulflling your destiny in Spirit.

A step by step workbook provides the basis for getting started.  Periodic interaction with Jef is now easily avaliable with high speed internet, today's computers and video cameras.  So, you can accomplish this program from within your own home or meditative environment.

Major parts of this intensive program include:

Strategically Guided Life Review

This part of the program is designed to help provide you insights and conclusions as to your ascendency in Spirit upon review and reflection of each of the significant aspects in your life. This strategic self-assessment will also help determine how each area of your life may or may not affect your next major step in growth. You will be doing most of the work regarding this review, while we will be strategically guiding you along the way.

Astrological Evaluation

Concurrently, we will construct your Natal astrology chart, current transits and both secondary and solar arc progressions.  Engaging our in-depth study and experience utilizing astrology as a spiritual growth tool, we will evaluate your past and current  growth opportunities/issues and integrate these insights and conclusions with the results of the Strategic Guided Life Review.

Concurrent Dream Analysis

Dreams are a valuable tool to understand the unconscious and current inner spiritual work of the soul. Throughout this program, we will evaluate your significant dreams to engage your unconscious into this intensive spiritual program.

Periodic Inner Work Sessions

Various faculties beyond our five physical senses will be employed to
assist you in this program.  The various senses of the Personality and Self
become powerful tools for our mentors to understand and reveal the status
and issues within your Personality, Ego and Soul.  Inner Work with these
senses will be utilized during this program to reveal and confirm the reality
of your next major step in growth in Spirit.

A Culminating Retreat

This intensive Retreat integrates consulting sessions with individual
reflection to bring clarity to the insights and revelations during the entire
process.  This whole experience is set in a beautiful Colorado locale and
will both help bring transcendence from your day-to-day life and resolution
as to your new focus in accelerating your journey into Spirit.
Living Spirit, Program for accelerated spiritual growth, self-assessment in spiritual growth, intensive spiritual growth mentoring
Program for accelerated spiritual growth, self-assessment in spiritual growth, intensive spiritual growth mentoring