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Like many originally Spirit based systems, religions, etc., astrology in its mundane use has become merely a structured means of providing “psychic” input to the issues or desires of life.  Beyond this, recent psychological astrology and those who use astrology as a spiritual growth tool have regenerated the positive depth of astrology into a valuable growth in Spirit science for the Aquarian Age.  Just like every spiritual growth philosophy, psychology or theology,  a Spirit based astrology can become your basis for life and growth.

Having utilized astrology as a systematic tool for growth in Spirit for over 30 years, Jef has defined a specific Path of Spiritual Growth based on astrology.  This Self-Directed advanced Path is not for beginners or those not already familiar with the science of astrology. Astrology based Mentoring is a great way to get expert help regarding your journey into Spirit as you investigate the benefits of astrology as your spiritual growth guide and path. 

LifeCycles Astrology Mentoring

    Individual  mentoring can be done easily through video-conferencing with high speed internet, a recent technology computer and video comera.  We can help you get started or we can also conduct mentoring via phone or e-mail.

The mandala of the astrology chart provides a map of each level of our existence: personality, soul and spirit.  The cycles in astrology condition our life as a human being and later as a spiritual initiate. Beyond using the normal transits and progressions in astrology, these life cycles provide a structured basis for focusing our spiritual life today and for the future.  Living Spirit's Astrology based Mentoring utilizes Jef's LifeCycles Astrology to further bring needed outside expertise to your individually tailored spiritual growth path based on astrology.

A fantastic benefit of astrology is that we all begin where we are today in life, not based on our past spiritual growth focus or success.  In addition, by its systematic organization, our entire life is covered based on our life to-date.  And you do not have to become licensed, ordained or a professional to be fully committed to this spiritualizing process.

Our on-going Follow the Sun article series is a good place to start in understanding this growth in Spirit path.  You can review past articles in our education archives and from this contact us as your way of beginning this spiritually addictive growth process.