In addition, at the end of each phase program (sometimes also during), you will need to obtain objective feedback on your progress.  At this time, I provide this mentoring at no charge.  You can just as easily obtain this ongoing feedback through a mentor of your choice independent of our community.  This could be a local professional skilled in assisting individuals in spiritual growth. 

Accelerated Spiritual Growth Costs 

Not only do the results you obtain in this intensive program vary based on your efforts and honesty, but so does the time and effort we will invest to assure that you achieve a high-level of success. The less you're invested in this process, the less we can help you achieve.

Given that, this program has been pre-structured to minimize our time in gathering facts and understanding your past. Our time is focused on evaluation, Inner Work and synthesizing all aspects of the program to insure that the program works for you. The inner work and evaluation part of each program includes a set fee based  on the amount of time needed. 

A single pre-determined fee is designed for the entire program. This includes everything except your travel, accommodations, food and incidentals for the retreat.  These retreat costs will vary based on the time of year, your originating location and the specific retreat location we are utilizing.  Once you have chosen your specific retreat time, we can specifically determine these costs.  Excluding your airfare, we expect these retreat costs to range from $100-$250 per day.  

The mentoring fee for this program is no charge.  It is provided based on a Spirit oriented definition of  LOVE: abundant generous giving (with no expectation of anything in return).

Crossroads Consulting & other Mentoring Program Costs 

Mentoring fees you invest in any of these mentoring programs would normally vary based on your counselor’s consulting rate and your investment of time and truthfulness.  As with everything in life, the more you invest of yourself, the greater the rewards. As mentioned, presently our mentoring fee is no charge.

A consideration for the future relates to the spiritual principle of Tithing. This is between you and God (SPIRIT). It relates to returning 10% of everything that has been provided to you. It includes time, income, attention, attitude, behavior, etc. Frankly, to proceed with any speed  in spiritual growth requires at least this commitment of energy by the student/aspirant. How and where you tithe is always between you and SPIRIT. If you already tithe, our mentoring is free.

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Our Programs' Costs

Self-Directed Spiritual Paths' Costs

Each self-directed program is broken down into phases. Within each phase, there are various modules which address the techniques, activities and tools for you to complete the minimum requirements for this stage of growth.  Metaphysically, these stages of growth are the various initiations.  

      The Phase 1 program is designed to provide the first-level focus of each of the various modules while introducing you to the specific Path venue chosen.  In addition, since some of the spiritual practices within this Phase 1 program are the same for every spiritual Path, there is a reduced cost if you choose to investigate more than one Path. 

      Below outlines the discounted (15%) costs for the Self-Directed Paths program for members/affiliates: 

Phase 1 program: $ 122. 

Each additional Phase 1 program: $ 60. 
(maximum of two)   

Each subsequent phase: $122. 


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