Programs for Individuals

One goal of Living Spirit is to provide a variety of programs for the self-initiating self-directed spiritual aspirant.  This is why we have chosen to embrace a variety of spiritual Paths.  It is also why we provide five uniquely different mentoring processes.

Re-Visioning your Life is a practical mentoring process based on two of Jef Bartow's spiritual growth seminars.  These two seminars are 9 Spiritualizing Habits for Life and From Life Struggles.... to Living by Spirit.  Both of these programs are focused for individuals who, while living in the outer world, seek continuous and sustained progress into Spirit. Various articles about these two series of spiritual practices are included in our Archives.  

For those who know they are ready for a major accelerated step in their spiritual journey, the Accelerated Growth in Spirit Training is an ideal way to make this leap.

On the other hand, we all face various crossroads and/or places of decision on the Spiritual Path.  For those who feel they are at one of these major decision points, we provide a tailored mentoring program to your needs entitled Crossroads Consulting .

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In addition, the science of astrology is an excellent tool for growth in Spirit.  So much so, that Jef has defined a specific Path of spiritual growth based on astrology.  Before embarking on this Self-Directed Spiritual Path, Jef provides LifeCyces Astrological Mentoring  to get you started without any previous study of astrology. LifeCycles Astrology, developed by Jef, uses your natal astrology chart, transits, progressions and life cycles to determine and interpet your current influences, challenges and difficulties in the Personality, Soul and on the Spiritual  Path.
Finally, the advanced stages in initiatory growth require self-initiation.  We must each take responsibility for our self and our growth in Spirit.  Our Self-Directed Spiritual Paths provide an ideal way for you to fulfill this spiritual need in a truly Aquarian way.  These Aquarian Programs transcend the past 2500 year Piscean Age inter-dependant orientation to spiritual growth of the guru/chela, teacher/student & savior/disciple to help you become a self-directed spiritual initiate.

With the recent advances in high speed internet, computer technology and video cameras, interaction with Jef or Tanya as mentors can be done within your own home or meditative environment.

Depending on your needs, we provide a program for you to self-initiate and self-direct your spiritual journey to Mastery.