Self - Directed 
Spiritual Growth Paths

Maximizing Your Spiritual Growth

Knowing that we all must sooner or later self-initiate our growth motivated us to develop a structured and comprehensive means to realize and fulfill this reality.  The Spiritual Path has a variety of venues for growth  including, but not limited to: 

our relationships in life 

the science of astrology 

our career/vocation 

eastern  mysticism

transpersonal psychology  

western mysticism  

don Juan Matus's Warrior's path 

As part of Living Spirit, we are committed to providing in-depth practical programs for each of these spiritual journeys. 
The Phase 1 program provides a self-guided Introduction and first-level spiritual practices for each Path that will assist you in understanding the major focus, practices and reading material/activities that will become your tools for spiritual growth on this Path.  Guided along this process, you will gain a good overview to this Path and its requirements for spiritual success.  Each Phase 1 program is designed to provide you spiritualizing exercises and focus for 12 to 24 months.

All Phases of these Self-Directed Growth Programs 

The various levels of these self-directed Paths lead you through all major phases of climbing your mountain to spiritual fulfillment (Mastery).  Regardless of which growth venue you choose, they all have a common initiatory process at the core.  This process of Initiation leads the developed Personality to soul-infusion and ultimately to fully developing and expressing the higher Self and self-conscious Soul.  This is how we become a spiritual Master (Adept) on the Spiritual Path. 

Our self-directed Paths provide a structurally practical and spiritually intensive means of becoming a Master in this life, utilizing one of the above venues.  Consequently, you will be using this program as your spiritual guide for anywhere from many years to a many decades.  Each Path is made up of three modules (or focused) which organize your activities.  

The first module within each Path Phase is specific to each specific Path.  It encompasses the spiritual practices and exercises  needed to gain Mastery on this specific spiritual Path. 

The second module in each Path phase is termed Life Orientation.  It is made up of Living Values,  Spiritualizing Habits for Life, Other and Goal Orientation.  During each Phase, it includes one to all of the following sub-modules:

Life Orientation

 Living Values  

       As much as getting to the desired goal in spiritual growth is the means by which we proceed. The values we choose and live by are as important as any one or more spiritual practices. This sub-module will teach us how to more and more spiritualize our values and fully live by them. 

Spiritualizing Habits for Life 

During the course of integrating a spiritual commitment with continued involvement in the outer world, we found that internalizing a number of key habits will accelerate one's progress while creating positive karma along the way. These 9 spiritualizing habits can become our tools in truly integrating our life based on Spirit. 

Other Orientation 

Our journey into Spirit until Mastery is a process which takes us from self-orientation to other orientation.  This "other" includes humans, other kingdoms in nature, our soul and ultimately our God Within.  This sub-module will teach and lead us along this critical part of the Spiritual Path.

Goal Orientation  

Defining and fulfilling goals has become a cherished tool for highly successful people in the outer world. Utilizing this tool in spiritual growth is just as effective to bring about personal transformation, both outwardly and inwardly. 

The third module in each phase is termed Spiritual Practices.  In addition to Spiritualizing Exercises,  it includes one to all of the following sub-modules: Life Reviews, Disciplines, Loving Issues Resolution and Growth Measurement. 

Spiritual Practices

Life Reviews 

 This transmutation process utilizes creative imagination to re-acquire, review and transmute our past qualified energies and substance held in our bodies and sub-consciousness.  In the teachings of don Juan Matus, this technique is called recapitulation. It powerfully releases the complexes and "baggage" from our earlier years and past embodiments and re-qualifies these energies for our spiritual future. 


Changing our attitude, orientation and behaviors to become our Self and self-conscious Soul is difficult.  The use of disciplines (like using lent for growth) is a powerful way to bring awareness and change throughout our Personality.  Here, this effective spiritual tool is integrated with our other spiritual practices.

 Loving Issues Resolution

Our relationships in life provide a fertile field for spiritual growth.  Otherwise, they become major obstacles on our spiritual journey.  Spiritualizing our relationships can be a difficult, but very rewarding process.  This sub-module provides a practical and effective process to spiritualize this very important aspect of life and growth. 

Growth Measurement

A fundamental principle of spiritual growth is: what spiritual practices we succeed in measuring will most rapidly bring about growth.  This sub-module integrated with all the others becomes our means of not only accelerating our progress, but taming our spiritual ego as the same time.

Advanced Self-Study

As most spiritual teachers have admitted, many begin the Spiritual Path, while only a few complete it to fully actualized Mastery.  Our community will later also provide an advanced program for those who seek to complete their spiritual journey on earth in this life.  This advanced self-implemented program is designed to truly transform our remaining  Personality and Soul, advancing us to express both your destiny and God Within as a co-creator with God. 

This is not for the faint of heart, soul or will.  It will require you to master energies and practices which most will not comprehend.  It will teach you how to live by a whole new set of dictates, those of Spirit. 

Until we leave this physical environment on our chosen "Spiritual Path," we must live in a human body and express through a Personality.  Regardless of spiritual development, the pitfalls of remaining in physical embodiment can be subtle and horrendous at the same time.  Until we can live every moment by the "inner voice" of Spirit, we can benefit from independent perspective and feedback.  This program is designed to provide just that.

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