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Re-Visioning your Life 
At one time or another, each of us has needed the help of a mentor regarding our life direction and/or a key decision for the future.   A helpful mentor can be a family member, work associate/boss, a respected professional or even a counselor.  What is recommended to help all of us with our outer life path can be of even more importance in our spiritual life.  Spiritual growth without expert help usually results in starts and stops, spurts and sputters or even coming to the conclusion that we have done enough work and are now “spiritual.”

The Spiritual Path is not easy or for the easy going.  Real growth comes through the difficult decisions, changes in attitude and orientation and the new actions we initiate to transform our current personality and life.  Expert mentoring along the way is a powerful means to stay the course when the course gets tough.  A new program as part of Living Spirit’s  growth programs is our Re-Visioning your Life.  It is specifically designed for those who need to take a whole new fresh look at life. 

Re-Visioning your Life  is an excellent program to help you move from where you are today to a place where you can easily self-initiate your growth in Spirit independently or through a Path program like Living Spirit’s Self-Directed Spiritual Growth Paths. 

The foundation for this mentoring program is Jef ’s 9 Spiritualizing Habits for Life and his From Life Struggles…. to Living by Spirit seminar/article series.  Each of these  are designed in step be step exercises/activities.  Re-Visioining your Life adds the concurrent one on one interaction with a mentor who can accelerate your progress and success.

This one on one interaction is now available through high speed internet and today's technology computers and video cameras.  

From the proven foundation of the two programs above, Re-Visioning your Life  adds the benefit that a spiritualized counselor/mentor/teacher brings to the process: positive support, expert feedback & energetic stimulation.  So, whether you are just beginning or need a great stimulus for your next phase in growth, this can be the program for you.

To get a good feel for this program, go to our education Archives and review some of the articles on 9 Spiritualizing habits for Life and From Life Struggles…. to Living by Spirit.  Then give us an e-mail or call to start your next energetic step further into truly living a life based on Spirit.
Images on this page provided by: Jenny McCarthy